Fashion show “Spring Fever” @ the Slangenpand


Bron eyenancy

Patrick van Haaster | Bewoner van het Slangenpand sinds 2008

Jacques van Heuven | Lives in the Snakehouse since 1983

Guy Pinhas | Living in the Snakehouse since

Born in the year of the Snake, lives on top of the Snake. Amateur photographer Amateur bass player. In other words: Professional amateur trying to simply become a professional in either or both fields. I have lived on and off in A’dam for the last 30 years. Traveled as a musician to many places and lived…..

Joeri Woldberg | Lives in the Snakehouse

Componist , producer and musician , graphic designer, web designer and more .. I used a lot of playing in several bands as Mauser FK and the Worms , with which I have been much on tour in Europe. The bands I now play his O.D. Kids ( punk) , Mower ( stoner rock) , Seizure…..

Ellenoor Bakker | Lives in the Snakehouse since 2011