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The Gentrification of Amsterdam

The Gentrification of Amsterdam In the last decade or so this beautiful, sleazy, wicked and wonderful city has become yet another victim of the all-powerful and unstoppable gentrification process that has been unleashed by the powers to be on any major city on the planet, anything that does not deliver a maximum return on the investments…..


This is a sad day for the city of Amsterdam. Last Sunday, De Slang – The Snake House, one of the landmarks of recent local history, has closed its doors. For good.   If you have been in Amsterdam, even just for a weekend, it’s impossible that you’ve missed this five-storey yellow building on Spuistraat 199, dominated by a colorful…..

Afvalberg Slangenpand/Tabakspanden opgeruimd.

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The end

  Het Slangenpand is niet meer. Dit weekend hebben de 9 bewoners van Het Slangenpand al hun spullen verhuisd. Zondagavond 22 maart om 23 uur hebben wij ons geliefde pand leeg achter gelaten en voor de laatste keer de deur achter ons dichtgetrokken. Wij zijn zeer teleurgesteld, verdrietig en boos dat wij niet de mogelijkheid hebben…..

Laatste dagen Tabakspanden..

De laatste dagen…

Hark de stad aan

Urban renewal of Tabakspanden

Remember our previous article about the colourful Wijdesteeg? An alley that is a true paradise for street art. Every day it attracts dozens of tourists and locals who want to see and experience it. Wijdesteeg is part of the so called Tabakspanden (Tabak Buildings) that is being threatened with eviction. Is it going to be a…..