deSlang presents | Saloon | 21 t/m 23 March

Friday March 21 Saloon opens its doors in the building at the Snake Spuistraat! Four artists: Frank Lenferink, Suzanne de Graaf, Maarten van Schaik and Mies Baars show their work. DJ Moonshine serve a blues, soul and jazz from his great collection of 78s. Buckle up and come and see!



Frank Lenferink paints everyday objects in a strained, sober style. His paintings often only depict a few rectangular shapes but immediately we can see what is portrayed. A cupboard, a lamp or a building. Motionless, frontal and consuming the whole canvas. The Images are instantly familiar to us, but at the same time very alienating because of their monumental character and with that the notion that they are painted on a flat surface. It is remarkable to see how little information one needs to recognize something very specific. Frank graduated from ABK Minerva in 1988.

The work of Suzanne de Graaf is about metamorphoses and transformation. Human features evolve into creatures or beings which are elusive but at the same time very tactile and tempting. Seduction is an important theme in Suzanne’s work, in which she makes use of many different techniques like sewing, plastering, assembling and welding to compose her sculptures. In her paintings Suzanne captures what she calls “The non-moment”. We can see landscapes and endless roads where time seems to have stopped. The images are made from two pieces of transparent fabric which are sewn together. The seam acts as a timeless horizon. Suzanne graduated from the Rietveld academy at the sculpture department in 1994.

The sculptures of Mies Baars are mostly constructed from – or concentrated around everyday objects. As we speak, the arsenal of deployable items already consists of sigarboxes, bookstands, pieces of clothing, folders, books and umbrellas to name but a few. The original objects remain recognizable in the final works, but they are no longer usable or functional. For Mies the separation of the object and its function is not a goal to achieve in itself, but it’s an essential part of the artistic process. A rearrangement from which differences in scale are regulated and the existing order of things is broken down. Mies graduated from the Rietveld academy at the sculpture department in 1994.

Maarten van Schaik is fascinated by form, color and natural light. He focuses on details in everyday life, and brings objects and spaces to the attention where one would normally just walk by. During his long walks in the city, he finds the inspiration for his work. Recently Maarten produced the series: “Car Nudes”, in which he captures the beauty and sensuality of cars. The images transcend the capturing of formalistic aspects only. Their character is very mysterious and exude a longing for days gone by. Maarten van Schaik graduated from the Rietveld academy at the photography department in 1997.

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