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Welcome to the snake!


Great that you would like to use our space for your event.

We work with each user according to the guidelines below. Please read through them and then use the proposal form to describe your project and ideas for us.



We have the deSlang Gallery opened in March 2012 because we wanted to create a space in the centre of Amsterdam where special things can happen in the fields of art, culture and society. DeSlang is an accessible space and we have worked with many different artists and performers who have shown their work in deSlang. All the work we do for deSlang, we do voluntarily. We work on a principle of exchange, that the energy and resources invested by the users and guests of deSlang are what sustains the space.

We are one of the few places in our part Spuistraat that is open and accessible to the public, and we are proud of this. We think it’s important that the projects in deSlang for the most part take place in the public domain.



This construction of exchange entails responsibilities for the users. A do-it-yourself mentality is key. All users will be expected to organise and publicise their own events. We can advise you on the possibilities of the space and previous experiences. We can also bring you in contact with our own network for publicity. We expect that the user of the space will always be present during opening hours. We will arrange that during the opening of an exhibition, for example, that the bar is open and during other opening times that there is always someone from our House on ‘stand by’ for unexpected things. We expect that the user does not make changes to the space without consultation and leaves the space well cleaned before departure.


Sound and neighbours

It is important to be aware that we are not a café or party place. The space is not isolated for sound, and any music played in deSlang can be heard by the residents of the entire block. We don’t allow amplified music and restrict the sound levels and opening hours, as we want to stay friends with our neighbours. If you wish to organise a gig with amplified music there are other more suitable locations in the neighbourhood (such as de Vrankrijk) that have the necessary permits and soundproofing.

We also discourage a large amount of people smoking and talking on the sidewalk in front of the building because of the noise. Once again, we are a cultural space where the art and events are central. It is definitely possible to have some music at the opening of an exhibition, but we take into account the noise level. The space is acoustically very complicated, and we also want that our guests can have a normal conversation near your work.



Think of this in terms of paying it forward. The facilities of deSlang are only available for use because many other people have already made contributions of time, money and resources to the space. Our main revenue comes from bar sales. In the case of a subsidised or semi-commercial project we charge rent for use of the space. All revenues are re-invested in the further development of the deSlang or re-paying previous investments. Electricity costs are calculated based on the duration of the project and include heating when necessary in the winter months (10 Euros per session). We have an electric heater that needs a couple of hours to heat the space when the doors are closed, but as it is an old, open space it will never get fully heated. We recommend dressing warmly if you have an exhibition in a cold season. Organizations or people who do not pay rent are required to make a contribution to the space. For example with a contribution of time and knowledge one group made us a fire door, another made a suspension system to hang artworks, and another made repairs to the electricity system. It is also possible to make a financial contribution to the general facilities, such as for a better movie screen, extra storage space or better lighting. After your event you are required to take all your stuff and materials with you. Spontaneous ‘ gifts to the space ‘ are not encouraged, partly because we have very little storage space and also as we require you leave the space clean for others.


Planning, opening hours and bar

What you would like to do in deSlang, of course, to a large extent determines the schedule. For example, if you would like to have an event in the weekend, then we like to open the space and the bar on Friday night between 18:00 and 23:00. Someone from the house will be present to sell beer and wine to your guests. At other times, when the bar is closed, we don’t want alcohol to be consumed in the space. You can, however, offer tea and coffee or non-alcoholic drinks to your visitors. Saturday and Sunday we are often open during the day.


Film Night

Every Wednesday night deSlang hosts Jeffrey with his Blue Rascal Cinema. This movie night is a set fixture in our agenda. For example, if you are going to build your performance or expo on Thursday, then you’ll find deSlang in the set-up for the film evening. We ask you to replace the seats and the movie screen for the next movie night after you have cleaned up after your event.



  • We expect you to use your own network to generate an audience for your event.
  • We connect with our public through our social media channels and our website.

If you hold an event at deSlang we urge you to send the following info to pr@deslang.nl, no later than 4 weeks before the start of the event;

  • the name of the event
  • the participants
  • a few lines about the content of the project (in English and Dutch)
  • dates and hours of operation
  • your own website if you have one
  • your own digital flyer


Finally, about your request

Once a month the garage commission comes together to go through all the applications for events in deSlang. We recommend you be on time with your proposal and plan ahead, as several people of deSlang are involved in the process that leads, hopefully, to the realization of your initiative. We aim to have contact with you as soon as possible after you submit your proposal.

Fill in the form below or download the PDF Introduction document ENG and mail us.