deSlang presents | AstaroTheatro & Sin Sin Collective | 13 Dec

Also available in: Dutch

AstaroTheatro & Sin Sin Collective

13 December at 20.30




Piazza del Popolo (I Will Stay-Human)

by AstaroTheatro

Piazza del Popolo is where we can meet again and again.

It’s the fortress from where to manifest our disagreement, our disapproval, our protest.

With poems of Tasos Leivaditis, Allen Ginsberg, Pier Paolo Pasolini, T.S. Eliot and with moments of philosophy to create total living theatre. Do you remember?


Hecate Ἑκάτη: Silvia Terribili

Zagreus Ζαγρεύς: Roberto Bacchilega

Live Action Art: Alexandra Zoi

Masks: Juan Tajes

Original music: @lbert figurt – Rafal Fidos

Photography: Tatjana Todorovic

Costumes: Giorgi Rossi and Silvia Terribili

Lighting and Sound: Massimiliano Pipolo

Video Projections: Gino Calenda di Tavani


A Theatre Collective “Quelli di Astaroth” production

Many people inspired us to compose this play. You are all in our hearts

A very special thanks to Haris Lamprou


Stories From The Borderline 

by Sin Sin Collective

Music –  Comedy – Animation

Always astounding, always confounding, join Sin Sin Collective  at De Slang for 
Stories From The Borderline their latest rollicking collection of Pan-Media Shorts for Theatre.

Sin Sin Collective past theatre productions include Jarry Unchained, Pik & Bod Ride Again, Endgame by Samuel Beckett, Hospital for Skeletons and their modern day pageant for an audience that is there to dance To The Worm There Is No Underground. The team appears regularly on the cult TV show Future Vision Amsterdam and organizes the annual Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 




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