deSlang presents | Wolves come in packs – exhibition | 30 Jan t/m 1 Feb

Also available in: Dutch

Wolves come in packs
An international art exhibition.. It started with an open call for artists all around the world to make their own free interpretation of a WOLF. It was up to them to choose the technique and the way they will present a wolf – an abstract idea, or a literal interpretation of the animal; a digital artwork or a painting, embroidery, etc.  Off course with a strong aspect of  “DIT” or “DO IT TOGETHER” in the artwork.

Artists | Ken Topham, Ivan Santiago, Linnch Asterian, JUNK, Rafael Marquina, Piss&LaughTV,  Sylvie Flamand, OKO, Alejandra Riquelme, Beny,  Saraswathi Paccheneda, Phobia, Toma Pan, Ienxxx, Zuuluf, Punchkid, Rafael Silveira, Stevan Lončarević, CHEZ, Eks, Predrag Marković

Open on Friday 30 Jan from 16.00 / 23.00

Sat/sun open from 12.00 – 20.00


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