High Appeal – We have news, but it’s not good….

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we have news, but it’s not good….

we have lost our appeal in the lawsuit against de Key!
almost 2 years ago de Key has started a lawsuit against us, trying to evict us from the house we’ve been living and working in for more then 30 years…
yesterday the judges decided that de Key has permission to do so…

now our future is in the hands of our mayor….
tomorrow there will be a meeting between the mayor and our city council, where the possible transaction of the Slangenpand between de Key and BOEi/us will be discussed
so there’s still a chance that deSlang can stay!

in the meanwhile our programm in deSlang continues!
tomorrow we have another edition of BLUESKY and GREENYARD
friday we have the opening of the solo exhibition by Floor van het Nederend

Long Live deSlang!


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