Joeri Woldberg | Lives in the Snakehouse

Also available in: Dutch

Componist , producer and musician , graphic designer, web designer and more ..

I used a lot of playing in several bands as Mauser FK and the Worms , with which I have been much on tour in Europe.
The bands I now play his O.D. Kids ( punk) , Mower ( stoner rock) , Seizure ( industrial) and personal projects as Scaven ( experimental electronic music) and Children of Danu ( ambient and soundscape ) .
I also commissioned (eg for the KLA ) composed and produced for film, documentaries, dance theater and musicals for children.
Now, in times of crisis, I also work in security , especially in and around festivals such as Amsterdam Open Air and Awakenings .
When training I've done graphic design and I create for deSlang including posters, flyers and websites for construction and maintenance I deSlang , OD Kids and café the Minds.

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