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OLD JOY  (2006)
Directed by Kelly Reichardt
76 minutes
In English

The films of Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy) have been called “anti-slumdog millionaire” because unlike that expensive hit about poverty, Reichardt’s films are unglossy, indie and are really made on practically no budget. And hey, this one stars the singer songwriter Will Oldham, better known as Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

The narrative of this film is dead simple…two friends break away from their everyday routines and take off for the weekend to spend some time in the hills…..but that’s just the framework for this film which is actually about quiet moments and casual conversations….and about a generation of liberal
Americans who feel totally lost in their own country these days.

“When was the last time you relaxed at a movie? That’s not the same as saying you relaxed WITH a movie- but that the movie itself actually relaxed you. A simple and subtle difference in tune with this simple and subtle film where the small touches and gentle silences speak more than any plotting or dialog.
One reviewer wrote that Reichardt’s films “don’t have enough plot to hang your hat on” but at the same time gave them a glowing review. OLD JOY is a true anomaly in today’s market.”

The music for the film was composed by the rock band *YO LA TENGO*. This will be a high-definition screening.

Spuistraat 199
(not the small door to the houses upstairs but the large garage door to the left)
Doors open at 20.30, film starts at 21:00
Entrance: Free

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