Blue Rascal Cinema presenteert: WHO WANTS TO KILL JESSIE?

Regie Václav Vorlícek
80 minuten
Tsjechiesch gesproken met Engelse ondertiteling

This is yet another great example of the wild eclectic cinema that was possible in Czechoslovakia in the mid 60s. A film as playful and inventive and subversive as Who Wants to Kill Jessie? smashes the bleak and dismal stereotypes that we have today about what was possible in Soviet Block cinema. From its insane storyline to its pop art design, this film is a powder keg of creative dynamite, obliterating our all our notions of whats normal in filmmaking.

What is the premise? Rose is a serious Soviet Block scientist who has created a drug that can pinpoint and remove specific “elements” from dreams. But what she doesn’t know is that when these elements are deleted from the dreams, they become manifest in the real world. Since she is jealous that her lazy husband is reading a comic strip about a beautiful girl called Jessie, she injects him with the experimental drug in an attempt to eradicate Jessie’s vision from his dreams at night. Therefore Jessie- the blonde, voluptuous heroine of the comic strip “Who Wants to Kill Jessie?”- comes crashing into their lives. And what’s even crazier is that since she is only a comic book character, that means that she can’t speak out loud, and that everything she says is through cartoon bubbles.

Along the way, throughout its surreally anarchic adventures, the film takes sharp jabs at the Soviet system and bureaucracies in general. Starring the jaw-dropping gorgeous nymphet Olga Schoberová (the Czech Brigitte Bardot) in the title role.

One viewer’s comment: “Why can’t more movies be like Who Wants to Kill Jessie? This little Czech charmer about dreams and comic book characters come to life is so fun, so sweet, so goofy, and frankly, so loveable, that its total obscurity boggles the mind.”


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