deSlang presents | Blue Rascal Cinema | BEAU PERE | 16 April

BEAU PERE (1981)
Directed by Bertrand Blier
120 minutes
In French with English subtitles

This is a daring, sensitive and hugely controversial film by Bertrand Blier (Buffet Froid, Les Valseuses) which pushes the limits of romance and sexuality. When his wife is killed in a car crash, Remy (the magnificent cult actor Patrick Dewaere), a burnt out jazz pianist, is forced to take care of his 14-year-old stepdaughter (Ariel Besse) who, unknown to him, has fallen in love with him.


What follows is an haunting tale of two people as they grapple with all the issues which come with their unusual and taboo desires. Remi and Marion are not so much connected by their sexual attraction, but by the fact that they’ve both been abandoned by people they love. There’s no real question about where the affair is going, but the tragedy lies in who gets hurt the most. The final image of the movie may haunt you forever (it has many).

The French writer Marguerite Duras was a person who saw beauty in so-called “abnormal” love relationships, and she prized them far more than socially approved relations (you can see this theme return in many of her books). She saw them as more intimate and more real simply because they didn’t follow all the rules. Rather than being a film about incest, or pedophilia, this is a film about loneliness, and atypical romantic relationships….and the danger of going against society’s laws. Its another film that could never possibly be made today, and which avoids the tiresome moralizing so often accompanying American films of the same subject (American Beauty) and Beau Pere is a film which has barely ever been screened outside of its home country.

So, once again, an extremely rare screening of this melancholic, volatile film.

“A gorgeously photographed tale of forbidden passion. Boasting a superb lead performance by Patrick Dewaere as a young Frenchman battling to stifle the seductive advances of his beautiful step-daughter, it is grounded by fascinating character detail and an intelligent, focused script that is deeply interested in the complexities of love and desire. Ariel Besse is the step-daughter and she is a bubbling, nubile cauldron of curiosity and mischief. Sacha Vierny’s moody photography is worthy of a coffee table hardcover, and Philip Sarde’s score is near perfection.”

Spuistraat 199
(not the small door to the houses upstairs but the large garage door to the left)
Doors open at 20.30, film starts at 21:00
Entrance: Free


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