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EUROPA  (1991)
Directed by Lars von Trier
112 minutes
Several languages with English subtitles

Europa was Lars von Trier’s third feature film. In the period when Lars made this movie he thought he was Jewish, and this was his final film in a loose trilogy about WWII and the identity of Europe. Soon afterwards his mother told him his father wasn’t his father, and that in fact he wasn’t Jewish at all, and Lars dropped his interest in the theme totally.


Many critics consider this the first great movie made by von Trier. It is a suffocating fever dream set in Germany after the Second World War. The film follows an idealistic young American pacifist (Jean-Marc Barr) as he tries to help re-build a damaged country. He arrives shortly after the war and starts working on the European railway. But the longer he stays the more he realizes that in many was the war is in fact not over at all. A visually dazzling cinematic trip with a twisted storyline of Kafkaesque absurdity, about a young man who enters a confused, psychotic Germanic landscape.

Soon after finishing this film von Trier would start his dogma phase, which was in many ways the exact opposite of the elaborate, stunning visuals of this film.

Spuistraat 199
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