Also available in: Engels

Directed by J. Michael Muro
91 minutes
In English

Ever since this film hit the screens in the late 80s it’s been considered on of the most cherished cult films of the last century. Wild, twisted and politically incorrect as hell, this subversive flick dives deep into the crazy world of skid row to unearth a story about a liquor store owner who finds a crate of some mysterious bottles of liquid called ‘Tenafly Viper’ in his cellar, and decides to sell it cheap to the local bums. Everyone who drinks the strange brew is violently transformed into surreal… well, I’d better stop the description here and let the film unfold for itself.

street trash

Street Trash was directed by virtuoso J. Michael Muro, who since directing this film went on to do some of the very best stedicam work in the industry. But let’s be clear… this is a trashy exploitation movie to the hilt, so don’t expect anything with a deep meaning, but rather a roller-coaster of the imagination. We will of course be screening the rare uncut director’s version, and it will be projected in high-definition.

Eraserhead meets Night Of The Living Dead meets Texas Chaisaw Massacre“. — Tony Vance: Radio 1 England

Loathsome, foul and degrading, Street Trash is a real treat for anyone who thinks they’ve seen it all”. — George A. Romero

Street Trash deliberately goes where no movie has ever gone before.” — Tom Savini

Street Trash rules on all the right levels. It’s funny and gross and mortifying and frightening, and loaded with talent.” — Jonathan Demme



Spuistraat 199
(not the small door to the houses upstairs but the large garage door to the left)
Doors open at 20.30, film starts at 21:00
Entrance: Free


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