deSlang presents | Blue Rascal Cinema | The Devils| 19 Feb

Directed by Ken Russell
111 minutes
In English

This is ken Russell’s infamous film which was banned in very many countries and which is still basically refused distribution because the studios are afraid to re-release it. Back in the 70s this film was banned from Italy and its stars Vanessa Redgrave and Oliver Reed were threatened with three years jail time if they set foot in that country. Its a true story based on the documentation in Aldous Huxley’s book The Devils of Loudun.

Set in the 17th Century, the priest Father Grandier leads the congregation of the church in the city of Loudun, France. He was reported to be an extremely handsome man, and soon the women at the nunnery start having wild sexual dreams at night involving Father Grandier. The conclusion? That Father Grandier is the devil and that he is trying to possess them. The political landscape is set under the French court of Cardinal Richelieu, and a witch-hunter is sent to the city to exorcise the priest.

A film about sexual hysteria and political intrigue, which is stunningly photographed and brilliantly acted. Its amazing that such big actors agreed to star in such an over-the-top, transgressive film…but its wonderful that they did because it lends an elegance to the proceedings which is totally unique. Everyone thinks that things are so democratic and free these days….when we are actually living under very heavy censorship. Wanna see something made 40 years ago which would never be allowed to be made by a major studio today? Pure cinematic dynamite. And beyond all that, the set designs were created by the great British filmmaker Derek Jarman.

Spuistraat 199
(not the small door to the houses upstairs but the large garage door to the left)
Doors open at 20.30, film starts at 21:00
Entrance: Free


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