deSlang presents | MOKUM CREATIVES | 20 & 21 DEC

Also available in: Engels


Art fair with mixed art, fashion designers clothing, different jewelry, photography, designed clocks, food, drinks and more…! Perfect for unique Christmas gifts 🙂

For each purchase you will receive a lottery ticket! There will be nice creative prizes waiting for you on Sunday 21 December at 7pm.

Check their facebook event

Open: 20 & 21 December 11am~8pm
Free entree 🙂


Gata-BunnyBrigade-The Purple Cat-Robert Eman-Sian Lewis – Original City Artwork-Madzia Urbanik-AmsterSam-Mark Croes-Marian Art-Rodri Cycki-Hanging Crafts-Joyce Kwad-artworks-Samir Ame-Oowl-shirts-Dennis Daniels-Round Things-Esther de Wit-Patricio Blues-GIOA



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