S.O.S. Sunday in deSlang

S.O.S Weekend at DeSlang

Keep the snake alive all in action-event tomorrow!
Every single soul reading this and those surrounding you
is hereby warmly invited to join and support our funky program.

Bring you´re good spirits, talent and relentless energy to our workshop

“Sowing the stitches to the snake”

We´ll have an open stage to any of you performing diva´s,
alongside the live music of Hattara and friends.

An army of Yarnbommers are happy to teach to crochet – so we´ll have all the more hands to make the world’s longest snake.

Meanwhile, his masters hands of Sir Wally, will show you the better bit of Snake-naaien;
the cutting, ripping, sowing and sticking together that is to say of our gigantic Superserpent.

Joeri Verbist welcomes you to his “tribute to the snake painting workshop”

and for the kids we have the go and colour in your own supersnake- corner!

it´s you´re stage, on either side. One snake and all of us to bring it alive.

Gluhwein to warm the elder limbs, and hot chocolate for the kids,

Bring along any bright colourfull fabrics, scissors, brushes, paint, grandma´s;anything basically to throw into the snakeristic process. Celebrate the sowing and stitching with us.

N.B. no Djembe´s, no flutes.

Come and join for snakesakes.


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